Why do I run you ask?

One question I get asked a lot is “Why do you run?” The answer is simple, I reply, “I run for many reasons!” In this article I’m going to ask some fellow Endurance Reno/Sparks teammates both new and some experienced as to why they chose to run and hopefully you will be able to relate. I will go into detail about why Running is my sport, why it means so much to me, and why I do it so often in a future blog. First enjoy these amazing explanations…

I run for so many reasons that it is actually hard to name them all. I truly love challenging myself physically and push myself to meet the goals I have set. I run because of the amazing people I’ve met who inspire and keep me motivated to continue reaching for my dreams. I run for the people who aren’t physically able to do so, like my younger brother. I run because running makes me a better teacher, coach, friend and human being.”

Sarah Raitter


“While I was in the process of losing 100+ lbs about 4 years ago, one day I challenged myself to try to run. Why? Because my weight and health prevented me before. It was a physical, mental, and emotional barrier and running shattered the limits for me then. Now I run to find new limits to shatter. When I weighed almost 250 lbs, I had type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol, high blood pressure and was headed toward an early grave. I had weight loss surgery bypass to help get everything under control. It is just a dietary tool. Running is the lifestyle fuel that will keep me living to 110.

Diana Jones


Why I run? I run because I have two young boys at home and I want them to have a positive role model. They always watch me get ready and practice around the house and yard. What motivates me? I love challenges. I like to pick a race that will test me in time, distance or effort. SO I guess the fear of failure motivates me to train hard, Very hard.

-Scott Burnett


“Running was a way for me to loose weight and get in shape, in the beginning. After my first marathon, and sharing the activity with my husband, it became more than that. Now it’s a part of my daily life. It’s how I make new friends, my stress relief, and a constant reminder of what setting goals and accomplishment feels like, whether the success is finishing a hard practice run or reaching a new fast race time.”

-Olivia Baugh


“Running has changed my life, it made me a new person, going from 280 pounds to 155 pounds and reaching many, many PR’s. From 24 minutes in the 5K to 16 minutes in the 5K. Running has given meaning to my life and I don’t think I can ever stop.”

-Mannie Calderon


Sometimes I run to clear my head, sometimes I run to fill my head! It can be very therapeutic. I also run to compete against myself. P and R are my favorite letters. I could finish dead last in a race, but if I PR, I’m happy!”

Chris Spoon


“I am Brynda Larsen, I am 50 years old & I have been running for a little under 2 years. I run to stay healthy. I don’t love running the way some of my teammates do, but I love how I feel after a run & the results on my body.”

 –Brynda Searing


“I run because I like the feeling of propelling myself forward.  Its also why I ride and have really started to enjoy swimming.”

 –Craig Manning


“I began running because I felt like I wanted to be a part of something bigger. A goal, a team, and a way of life. Running was always something I had told myself I would do “one day.” After meeting Coach Will it was clear that “one day” needed to be today… or it would never happen. I convinced my work (Champagne Family Dentistry) to support our sponsorship of the RENO 5000 because I felt like it was a core staple of our local family and fitness community–that was how I met Coach Will. His energy and support led to me to join Endurance Reno. After my first few weeks running with the team, I could not be more happy. Being someone who can’t go very fast or very far I was worried I may not be welcomed; however, it was quite the opposite. Everyone is wonderful and I look forward to their encouragement on training days.”

–Carina Funk

Hopefully, these stories have inspired you as much as they have me. I hope that every time you need a “pick-me-up” to get out the door to workout you will look back on this article and you won’t even think twice about going for a run. I wrote this article to help you answer the daunting question of “why do I run?” so you know the answer when somebody asks, to emphasis the power of a group of people vs. one, and to give you an idea of the benefits of being on a TEAM. Remember this acronym and you will find the meaning as to why being part of a true team is so important…Together Everyone Achieves More! #Enduworld

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next episode, “Gotta Run”…Lupe Cabada