Bob Leckie

Fun, hard working group led by the dynamic Coach Will who is always positive and helps each member meet their own potential

Lisa Lynch

Endurance Reno is an organized team of runners and triathletes who train together and under the guidance of capable and talented coaches, made up of all levels and not confined to only the elite athletes.


Very supportive group of people. Thanks for all that you do for the Reno community!

Brynda Larsen

The camaraderie & motivation is amazing. I Love Endurance Reno… They have helped me to be a better runner & to become much more healthy. Thank You Coach Will for helping me achieve my goals.

Frank Bozanich

Being around other fantastic runners has motivated me to work hard and to try and reach new goals. It is the best move I have made in my long career of 40 plus years of running

Amber Schofield

Life changing, a highlight of my life, something that will always be looked back on with importance, friendships that will last when our bodies may not.