Interested in becoming a runner? running faster? or maybe you are just looking for a great team of local runners to run with. Contact our coaches and join one of our teams today.



We have over 25 “pure” runners on the Endurance Reno Team and plenty of triathletes. Our runners range from 10 years old to 70 years old of all ability levels.  Most runners think in terms of “pace-per-mile”.  To feel more confident about joining the Endurance Reno Team of Runners, the team’s pace per mile ranges from over 13 minutes per mile, down to sub 5 minutes per mile!  Our Runners compete in 5k to Ultra distance events.

Running is such a wonderful sport that requires plenty of self-discipline and motivation – especially if you are training solo on a daily basis.  You will quickly realize, once you join Endurance Reno, that you have unlimited supplies of motivation from being around your goal-driven team mates.

Quite a few of our Runners have been rejuvenated by joining the Endurance Reno Team.  So if your goal is to set a new personal record, complete a new distance, take the guess-work out of your training or get back in shape before competing again, then sign-up right here and feel secure that your registration fee is 100% refundable after your initial coach-athlete consultation!


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