Pro Triathlete Brandon Nied will race RENO 5000 Running Series

As the Race Director of the RENO 5000 Running Series and local coach of running and triathlon teams called Endurance Reno, Endurance Sparks and Endurance Kids (which are developmental camps for young runners and triathletes ages 5-12), I wanted to spend a moment and focus on some of our local running and triathlon talent right here in Northern Nevada!  Plenty of athletes that I coach and citizens of Reno, NV, do not realize the fountain of talent that live and train locally.

One of our gifted and talented athletes is Brandon Nied, who is a professional triathlete and member of the USA Triathlon National Development Team.  He is actively chasing points towards qualifying for the Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  Brandon has lived and trained in Reno, Nevada since his Freshman year of high school, where he ran for Reno High.  He is also currently seeking his degree in Economics at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Nied Running in Reno NV

“I’ve raced all over the globe but there is something truly special about racing at home.  For me, the RENO 5000 Running Series is an opportunity to race alongside the people in the Reno community that have been influential in my success as a triathlete.  Starting with the Downtown River Run, Coach and Race Director, Will Contreras and his crew, pull out all the stops to provide an awesome experience for all the athletes involved.  This includes everyone from the elite athlete who is looking to test their limits, to the first-time racer who is looking to reach the finish line!” says Nied.

One of my goals as a race director and coach, is to promote both sports.  I want to promote running and triathlon in such a way that people will be drawn to them long-term, as a lifestyle.  Being in the sport since age 5, I have seen plenty of “burn-out” and people leaving the sport.  It is my passion to train and motivate people to achieve goals far beyond their dreams!  The first step to making it a lifestyle is to slow down and set realistic goals.  When I first started producing events in Reno, I started with the 5k distance and made it a series of events.  I did this because I knew that anyone could complete a 5k.  Regardless if the participant is an experienced runner, or just starting out as a runner, I knew that anyone who wanted to participate could do a 5k!  When I organize these running events, my hope is that runners will be training on a daily basis and making this routine a way of life.

You may not beat Brandon Nied at the Downtown River Run, but I can guarantee that when he finishes the race, he will be back out to cheer you on to the finish line, because he is passionate about the sport.  Not a lot of people can relate to a professional athlete.  We want professionals racing our events to inspire and motivate you. If you see Brandon out there on April 13, 2014, let it inspire you to run a little faster and keep up the running lifestyle!

See you at the races,

-Coach Will #enduworld