Meet our Sponsor: Family First Chiropractic’s Dr. Rachel Robison

Endurance World Reno NV

     Ever had this experience?  You wake up one morning to head out for your early morning run, bike or swim workout, only to find that your body has betrayed you.  What is this?!? There’s a kink in your neck, or an ache in your lower back, or your knee and IT band feel like someone repeatedly jammed a knife into them.  Perhaps a semi-truck ran you over while you were sleeping?  Completely unacceptable, but what to do, what to do?  Don’t freak out….pick up your phone and call Family First Chiropractic!  Dr. Rachel Robison and Dr. Jack Nolle will have you fixed up and back to training, like the animal you are, in no time!

     Family First Chiropractic has been a sponsor of the Endurance Reno team for the past two years and is one of the main reasons our athletes stay healthy and injury free.  Dr. Rachel Robison was kind enough to answer some questions about her job and why she loves working with the Endurance Reno and Endurance Sparks teams.

Family First Chiropractic's Dr. Rachel Robison

Dr. Rachel has a smile for everyone!

  • What made you decide to be a Chiropractor and how long have you been doing it? 

     Chiropractic has always been a part of my life. My mom started going to the chiropractor when she was pregnant with me, and I received my first adjustment at 6 weeks old. The human body has always fascinated me, and when I was going to the University of Nevada, trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life, my chiropractor said to me “Have you ever thought about becoming a chiropractor?” At that time I knew I wanted to work in the medical field and help people, but I didn’t want to give medication and I didn’t want to do surgery. The more research I did about chiropractic, the more I knew it was what I was meant to do. Chiropractic takes a vialistic approach to health. We believe that health is innate, and comes from within. We make an adjustment that allows your body to communicate and function better. I love that chiropractic is a natural approach to life and health. I have been practicing at Family First Chiropractic for 2 ½ years.

  •  What are the main benefits of chiropractic–particularly as it pertains to runners and triathletes?

     Chiropractic is an essential ingredient when training for runners and triathletes because it restores a state of balance, reduces nerve system stress, improves your body’s ability to function naturally, and improves athletic performance.

 Family First Chiropractic's

  • What are some common “issues” that you see in runners and triathletes and how do you go about helping them get back to “normal”? 

     We see a lot of runners and triathletes with IT band syndrome, hamstring problems, knee pain, low back pain, shin splints, feet pain, neck pain, and even numbness into their hands. In order to get them functioning better, we do a full evaluation in our office, which includes a private doctor consultation, orthopedic, neurologic and chiropractic tests, and any necessary x-rays, along with a report of findings on a follow-up visit to discuss what is going on with that person. A lot of the time there is an imbalance in the pelvis which can cause IT band syndrome and hamstring problems. The imbalance in the pelvis can affect the way the patella tracks and cause knee pain as well.  I have seen a lot of cyclists with neck pain and even numbness into their hands because of the way they ride. Usually there is a subluxation in the neck that is causing this. By removing the inferences to the nerve system we have seen great results with these problems in our office.

Meet our Sponsor: Family First Chiropractic's Dr. Rachel Robison

  • What do you like best about working with the Endurance Reno team?

I love the people on the Endurance Reno Team! I have gotten to know some of the team because they are patients, but I am now getting to know others on the team because of Josh being on the team. (Dr. Rachel is engaged to Endurance Reno athlete and amazing runner Josh Whitman)

  • Tell me any other interesting stuff about you that you want everyone to know    

I want people to know that chiropractic is for EVERYONE!!!  From the new born infant, to their grandparents, and everyone in between. Your nerve system is the most important system you have, and your spine is what houses and protects it. So make sure that your nerve system is functioning to its optimal ability, and that you are free from subluxations! Come by the office and get checked, especially before your big race, so you are performing at your best!

Our Sponsor: Family First Chiropractic's Dr. Rachel Robison

    Thanks for taking such good care of us Dr. Rachel! Look for Family First Chiropractic at the Downtown River Run on April 13.

Happy Running!

-Coach Sarah #enduworld