Some of your best coaches in the world, were not the fastest athletes in the world. Some of your fastest athletes in the world, are not very good coaches.  What you get from Coach Will is a real athlete with real stories, experience and knowledge to help you be your best.  100% success rate with helping athletes set new personal records!


Coach WillCoach Will: William Contreras has been running for 37 years. A former elite runner from 1995-2005 and professional triathlete from 1997-2007, for Asics, Polar, Kestrel, Nimble, DesotoSportClif Bar and other companies.

Coach Will has been coaching athletes for the past 20 years. His athletes have ranged from runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes of all ages and ability levels. He continues to compete in both running and triathlon, mainly to help push his athletes.  Most recently at 2012 Ironman Arizona (10:30), Vineman 70.3 (4:40) and 2012-2014 Napa Valley Marathon (2:57, 3:17, 3:35). His style of coaching is very hands-on and his passion comes from watching others exceed their endurance racing goals. He helped develop University of Arizona Tricats Triathlon team 1997-1999. Started and coached a youth team Tri2Fly from 2007-2009 in Nevada. Created and was Head Coach of Endurance Reno Team 2011-2015. Currently runs various coaching programs online and in both Reno, NV and Kailua-Kona, HI. When you think you can’t do it, Coach Will is always there to ensure that you get the job done.

He is also founder and Race Director of the RENO 5000 Running Series in Reno, NV.

Lifetime personal records: 800 1:48, 1500 3:42.0, Mile 3:59.69*, 5k 14:11, 10k 29:23, Half Marathon 1:03:07, Sprint Tri 51:00, Olympic Tri 1:55, Half Ironman 3:59, Ironman 9:35


Driss Dacha wearing white headband

Coach Driss:  Driss Dacha is a former professional runner for Nike and has won numerous high profile marathon, half marathon and 10k events.  At 52, he recently ran a 32:00 10k.  Driss has been running with Coach Will since 1991 and has helped Coach Will with Online Coaching over the past 15 years.  Coach Will and Coach Driss have advised each other as coaches to help each other reach running success, with 2 of his PR’s under Coach Will’s guidance.  One PR being 2:11 in Berlin Marathon in 1993 and 1:02 in Las Vegas Half Marathon in 1995.  He’s also finished 5th overall at Chicago Marathon in 2:12.  Winner of Grandmas’s Marathon and Cleveland Marathon in 1992.  Winner of America’s Finest City Half Marathon and winner of the San Fransisco Marathon in 1993.  In 1994, ran a 2:13 in Dong A Marathon, in Korea.  Another great success was the Sydney Marathon, 4th overall in 1996.  Set a 10k personal record (28:16) in Paris, France in that same year.

Coach Driss is currently being coached by Coach Will for the sport of triathlon and plans to excel as a “Master” competitor at Ironman 70.3 and full Ironman events and continue to dominate the Master’s road running circuit.

Lifetime personal records: 10k 28:16, Half Marathon 1:02, Marathon 2:11:00

*converted time from 1500m.