EnduWorld is excited to announce the official launch of EnduWorld Training Camps for both Kids and Adults. Camps are a great opportunity for all levels of athletes to improve. EnduWorld Camps simply make good athletes better.

Running and Triathlon Camps for Kids:

Camps Training for Kids

Weekly Spring and Summer camps for kids ages 5-12. Click here to learn more and register today!


Running and Triathlon Camps for Adults:

Endurance Camps Training for Adults

Daily training designed specifically for you. Gain strength and confidence across all disciplines: Running, Swimming and Biking.

What can you Learn or Improve?


  • how to run
  • about gear and equipment (shoes, bike fixes…)
  • nutrition


  • form
  • time
  • efficiency
  • resistance
  • transitions

Our Endurance Training Camps are for you.

2014 Camps Description coming soon!






Other Events (Team lunch, dinner, bbq…)

Place to recover (Sleep)

Camp Sponsors:

How do I Sign Up? Just complete the form on this page and the Coach will contact you directly.

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