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Endurance World Reno NV

     Ever had this experience?  You wake up one morning to head out for your early morning run, bike or swim workout, only to find that your body has betrayed you.  What is this?!? There’s a kink in your neck, or an ache in your lower back, or your knee and IT band feel like someone repeatedly jammed a knife into them.  Perhaps a semi-truck ran you over while you were sleeping?  Completely unacceptable, but what to do, what to do?  Don’t freak out….pick up your phone and call Family First Chiropractic!  Dr. Rachel Robison and Dr. Jack Nolle will have you fixed up and back to training, like the animal you are, in no time!

     Family First Chiropractic has been a sponsor of the Endurance Reno team for the past two years and is one of the main reasons our athletes stay healthy and injury free.  Dr. Rachel Robison was kind enough to answer some questions about her job and why she loves working with the Endurance Reno and Endurance Sparks teams.

Family First Chiropractic's Dr. Rachel Robison

Dr. Rachel has a smile for everyone!

  • What made you decide to be a Chiropractor and how long have you been doing it?  [Read more…]

Pro Triathlete Brandon Nied will race RENO 5000 Running Series

As the Race Director of the RENO 5000 Running Series and local coach of running and triathlon teams called Endurance Reno, Endurance Sparks and Endurance Kids (which are developmental camps for young runners and triathletes ages 5-12), I wanted to spend a moment and focus on some of our local running and triathlon talent right here in Northern Nevada!  Plenty of athletes that I coach and citizens of Reno, NV, do not realize the fountain of talent that live and train locally. [Read more…]

Finally it’s done!

On April 19, 1897 the Boston Marathon was run for the first time.  In Reno, Nevada we now have a Boston Qualifying Marathon that will take place on April 13, 2014 at the Downtown River Run.

Finally it’s done. img-boston-qualifier

Measure the course. Do it again.  Measure the course after you’ve already done it twice. Re-measure it again please.  Now, do it again and again and again!

Draw a map of the whole marathon on an 8×11 piece of paper.  Include all the details on that same piece of paper.  What details?  Enough details in case the race director died before race day and the course could still be set up.  Enough details so that a stranger could navigate the course.

Draw the map over because it wasn’t done right the first time.  Do it again. Draw it out for the seventh time because the first six times were not correct.  Oh yeah, it can’t be done with any color.  Re-draw it.

It seems simple.  It’s not.  After you’re done reading this post, you will take a look at the official course map and think to yourself – What’s the Big Deal? Until you have gone through the process, you have to trust us that it’s a pain to get done.

What is the BIG DEAL? The big deal is… the Biggest Little City just received notice today that it is now the host of an OFFICIAL BOSTON MARATHON QUALIFIER!  If you’re a runner, you get this.  If you’re not a runner, you probably still get this.  Boston is the first and oldest marathon in America and now Reno, Nevada just got a little BIGGER on the United States of America map because of our association with this long-standing traditional American event!

City of Reno’s Downtown River Run is coming up.  The 2nd Annual event is on April 13, 2014.  However, this year will be the first 26.2 mile distance event produced by RENO 5000 and to have it as a Boston Qualifying event is a giant piece of news for our community.

We would like to graciously thank all of our supporters and participants who stand behind the efforts we put in to these events. These events would certainly not be possible without the sponsorship support from our local Dolan family (DolanAutoGroup) who is our major 2014 Running Series sponsor and American Family Insurance.  We would also like to thank Reno Running and Fitness as the major marathon sponsor for not only their financial sponsorship but also their support in helping us find more sponsors and providing us with volunteers for aid-stations and course set-up.

I am a runner.  I compete in events and just completed the Napa Valley Marathon early this month.  Runners who compete in events have an idea of the work involved to make them happen.  They happen with the support of the entire community.

Yesterday, as we were driving the course again, I asked the owner of Reno Running and Fitness, Michael Connors, what he thought of the marathon course and his reply was that it was extremely beautiful.  He also added that Reno has thousands of runners and that we need this marathon to happen in order to be a legit running community.

DRR_Logo_dag_rrfThe race happens in thirty-three days!

Finally it’s done and it will last for the next decade!

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William & Shanna Contreras – Your Race Directors.